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Heal past trauma and get beyond mental or physical symptoms/pain.

Live a more fulfilled life with POSITIVITY & HAPPINESS

Learn effective systems designed for you to sustain a lifestyle and future of health, fulfillment, and happiness.

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Your HEART is vital to your life. It is your body’s center and also your life force. The heart’s frequency is key to our true MANIFESTATION. At HEARTFUL LIVING, you will learn to be in tune with your heart, clear heart-wall blockages, as well as vibrate positive energy.

We believe that by working on our individual heart’s desires, we can collectively come together to also heal and make a healthier and more wholesome world.

Janlia Riley, CECP, CBCP - Healer, Coach, and Founder

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Our team is here to help with your transformational growth and self-rediscovery through healing process with 1:1 energy healing sessions and coaching programs designed to fit around your time and schedule that is easy to understand and implement. 

We are here to support you through group or individuals sessions to ensure that you stay on track and motivated as you move towards your ultimate health and happiness with our proven system and holistic journey. 

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"A new way to re-evaluate yourself (mind and body) in order to lead a better and healthier life! Having constant physical symptoms due to stress and anxiety, the energy healing I received really helped me get to the root of my issues and allowed me to feel more at peace, which in turn improved my physical health."

E.C., Spain

"My family and I have just began our health food journey under the guiding hands of Janlia... has given me recipes, tips and insight to make this huge life change an easier transition that will last the rest of our lives. I can't say enough good things about this program and products."

A.K., Los Angeles, USA

"Janlia provided me with an amazing energy healing. I am blown away how it worked across the miles. We connected and discussed some things I was going thru and she listened and whatever magic she worked on her end I felt succinctly a day or so later. My 'stuckness' became unstuck and I felt significantly better. I recommend her work to anyone that is curious to try."

K.R., Michigan, USA

"Janlia has a beautiful gift to offer the community. She listens deeply and intuitively. She was able to shift areas in my life where I felt stuck. Janlia was also able to help my dog who is full of anxiety. I highly recommend her and her gift."

M.R., Los Angeles, USA

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Our energy healing modalities can work fast to clear any past issues that only your subconscious can bring out and clear. From emotional symptoms to other energy blocks that may manifest into physical symptoms, we work with you no matter where you live in the world.

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You are not alone, and we do not want you to ever feel alone in your journey. Join our program that combines our healing and proven coaching techniques that is designed to help you truly figure out what it is your want in life, create your system so that you can get there, and maintain your new lifestyle.

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