Why I chose The Emotion Code® and The Body Code® as an Energy Healing & Health Protocol

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Energy healing with the Emotion Code and Body Code with Janlia at Heartful Living Today

Before I became certified in energy healing, I had completed a holistic health and wellness coaching certification. The idea of holistic living appealed to me and it made sense because it had been what I believed in and through most times while growing up without knowing it. Throughout the learning and after certification I started to help others in living holistically, which is, simply put, a lifestyle of living in harmonious relationship of one's body, mind, and spirit. As coaches, we teach and guide a client or even our own loved ones essentially toward what would be a better change, a better solution, and therefore, a better life. What I realized was that for a handful of people that sometimes the coaching, or even with some other therapy, can only do so much and the lasting change wasn't sticking or potentially not as effective as it did for others. This changed when I came across the Emotion Code® and the Body Code®

The Emotion Code and Body Code are two levels of certifications created by Dr. Bradley Nelson of DiscoverHealing.com, The Emotion Code being the Level I certification and the Body Code being the Level II. I was introduced to Dr. Bradley Nelson by way of a documentary he was featured in. And it made total sense to me. The documentary confirmed for me what has been just pieces of thoughts, ideas, philosophy, notions, feelings, and questions throughout my life ever since as a young child. The basic summary is that we are all powerful beings of love and light, that we are all just made of energy, and that we all have the power to heal. Like, heal anything! The common principle of the documentary is that through quantum physics and healing, we can learn and use energy healing to heal so many problems in so many levels. 

And here is where I fell in love with Dr. Bradley Nelson, the Emotion/Body Code, and the Discover Healing family. 

I chose to certify in the Emotion Code and the Body Code because of the fact that I was able to try and quickly see for myself how healing works and the wide areas of different life problems, whether this life or past life, that this can help with. The system Dr. Bradley Nelson created allows for fast identification of which area your body needs to heal in order to move on and forward, for more clarity, feel lighter, and heal for a better future, almost in many cases instantaneously. I immediately knew how this can be a very life-changing and effective health protocol, especially having seen others around me suffer from depression, anxiety, and other physical issues, and hearing how they weren't able to receive help from doctors or medical professionals or that medical interventions were not helping them. At least, not for the long run or just providing band-aid fixes that they still have to deal with for the rest of their lives, and not to mention, costing them thousands and thousands of dollars that many simply can't afford.

What is The Emotion Code and The Body Code?

As hinted in the introduction, the first premise is to understand that we are energy beings and that energy healing has been with us and used for many many generations, through numerous cultures, and for thousands of years. Due to the holistic nature of energy healing, it is not a medical practice (although it can work along with medical interventions depending on the case and what the body is willing) and therefore has been suppressed, misinformed, and somewhat hidden from the masses. The Emotion/Body Code, and energy healing for that matter, is each and everyone's given power and ability to heal and to thrive. Simply put, energy healing goes deep into the root cause of issues and holistically and naturally correct imbalances or misalignments that may lead to emotional or physical symptoms and clearing those issues. 

The Emotion Code® focuses more on the energies of past emotions that have quite literally been trapped into your body, through personal experience, or through witnessing and 'feeling' experiences of others. These energies get stuck with your body, energetic or physical, and can affect areas like mental health, emotional wellbeing, spiritual health, and physical ailments. 

"We believe these Trapped Emotions could be keeping you in patterns of discomfort, sorrow, failure, and heartbreak." - DiscoverHealing.com

The Body Code® is a system and roadmap to our healing focused more deeply on the study of the human body. It is a patented and revolutionary modality that Dr. Bradley Nelson, a globally renowned bioenergetic medicine expert, invented through years of experience within his highly successful chiropractic practice. And he did not do it alone. With the help of many clients, through experience and the vast array of sometimes difficult or very unique cases, with the help of his wife and loved ones, and along with the help of God and Higher Power, that guided him and gave him the exact answers he needed at times. This system of healing is broken down into 6 higher-level key areas—Energies, Circuits and Systems, Toxicity, Nutrition and Lifestyle, Misalignments, and Pathogens. Each area breaks down further and further until the exact imbalance or misalignment (or issue) is identified, such as an organ, a part of the brain, an energy body, a lifestyle need, or even a negative attachment or idea. The Emotion Code is also within the Body Code, which makes this so easy to find root causes to just about any problem or symptom that you may want to heal, get rid of, and just to finally move on from. 

"The Body Code is intended to help you uncover root causes of discomfort, sickness, and suffering in body and spirit — so you can have the opportunity to make corrections right on the spot." - DiscoverHealing.com

How does the Emotion/Body Code work?

If you are new to energy healing, you need to understand how it works. The way energy healing works is by working with your subconscious and your energy centers throughout your body. Your subconscious holds all the information and your truth that you perhaps would not recall on your conscious level. An example in the case of healing something from the past might be for example, when you were an infant, an experience caused you to be afraid. That fear caused your mind to program that scenario as something to avoid. And now as an older being, this experience that has been programmed in you no longer applies to your life, but you are still reacting and conducting your life according to your belief program, although you have consciously forgotten this event a long time ago! 

Once an imbalance, misalignment, or trapped emotion as such has been identified using the Emotion Code or Body Code, we simply erase this information with magnet fields by working with our governing meridian, our main energy center system (much like erasing a credit card information with a magnet). When such an imbalance is cleared, this particular issue is then dissolved or resolved and no longer part of the larger more complex system of problems and issues that you may have. With that said, how many imbalances, misalignments, or trapped emotions it takes to heal or resolve a larger issue all depends on how complicated or deep, and whether it may be associated with another issue.

Another thing to remember with any healing is that anything within your body can lead to anything else. What I mean here is that, for example, a client came to me about lower back pain, when we go to work on this issue, we found that many of the issues that came up and were released had to do with insecurities and stresses, and not because she had a physical accident that caused her lower back to feel the pain. Another example might be, a thought or misconception about a belief towards something can cause another part of your body to ache that you would never have guessed (or Googled) on your own conscious level.  

(For more information about what to expect during an energy healing session, please see the FAQ page.)

What can these energy healing modalities do for me?

The great thing about the Body Code energy healing is that it can help with just about anything! I have helped clients from mental wellness issues such as anxiety, stress, PTSD, and concentration and focus, through to physical ailments such as nerve damage, back pain, chronic headache, etc. I have also had the pleasure to work with pets and animals on different concerns as well as young children, or help couples with getting pregnant. 

Some key areas of healing include:

  • Emotional and Mental Wellness - depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, mental blocks, clarity, ...
  • Behavioral Wellbeing - concentration, behavioral patterns, mental blockages, ...
  • Physical Health and Healing - back pain, neck pain, arthritis, headaches, aches, physical pains, immunity improvement, chronic illness, balance, body system connections and functionality, toxin & EMF resolution, pathogens and bacterial, ...
  • Nutritional & Lifestyle - herbal and nutritional deficiency or needs, ...
  • Heart-Wall Release - clearing blockages for creativity, voice, love, relationships, and success, ...
  • Past-Life and Generational Healing - past-life trauma, current generational healing, womb and gestational, childhood trauma, future life or generation healing, ...
  • Spiritual Wellbeing - Sacred Heart Healing and Activation, Chakra and Energy Bodies Realignment/Healing, clearing negative entities or attachments, ...
  • Pets and Animals Healing - physical pain, behavioral issues, general wellbeing, ... 

The best way to find out how the Emotion/Body Code and having an energy healing session can help you overcome or achieve is by booking a free consultation chat here.

How successful is energy healing or the Emotion/Body Code?

This is best answered by personal experience of clients. You can find testimonials on my website and social media, as well as through DiscoverHealing.com. There hundreds and thousands of many different cases and issues that almost anyone can relate to, from adults, children, pregnant or expectant mothers, babies, as well as pets and animals. 

 How does the Emotion/Body Code differ from other energy healing modalities?

I love the Emotion Code and the Body Code for the simplicity and approach to identify issues and pains very quickly. It is all about how much our body is ready for during a session. These modalities come with a proprietary system via web or phone app that makes finding issues to clear so much easier and quicker. 

As an intuitive healer, and through so much experience working with so many people around the world on so many different unique circumstances, I have also been able to keep my sessions short, which is great for saving time of course, and know how to pivot and investigate an issue from a different approach when necessary. 

(For more information about what to expect during an energy healing session, please see the FAQ page.)


The Emotion Code® and The Body Code® are truly life-changing and, in my opinion, should be a part of everyone's daily life. These modalities in healing are not only the future of health care and self-care, they can also be integrated into our daily lives as powerful self-development or discovery tools as we continue to clear deep-rooted behavior, beliefs, or issues from our heart, mind, and bodies so each of us can live our true potential and true purpose. We can allow this healing to guide us to finding our inner truth and freedom in simpler and faster ways (time collapsing) and, as we heal ourselves and live our best, we can also effect positive global change. 


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